Hearing Aids

Invisible Products (IIC)

Rests in the second bend of the ear canal where no one can see them, but provide great amplification.

Completely In the Canal (CIC)

Only the tiny removal handle of the hearing aid shows outside of the ear canal.

In The Canal/Half Shell (ITC)

Custom hearing aid that fits in the ear canal. Smaller portion shows in outer ear.

In The Ear/Full Shell (ITE)

Custom hearing aid that fits within the outer portion of the ear. Helps those with reduced dexterity.

Livio AI

The world’s first hearing aid with sensors and artificial intelligence!

Receiver In the Canal (RIC)

Small, discreet and quick to fit. Perfect for first-time hearing aid wearers

Behind The Ear (BTE)

The world's most common hearing aid style. Available in mini, standard, or power and can be used for adults and pediatrics.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Surflink Remote

Surflink Remote Control is available with our wireless hearing aids. This remote is simple to use and can be used to adjust volume, change memory modes and more.

Surflink Mobile 2 Bluetooth Remote

SurfLink Mobile 2 is a hands-free cell phone transmitter, assistive listening device, media streamer, and hearing aid remote all rolled into one.

Surflink Media

Our wireless hearing aids work with our SurfLink® Media streamer, the first set-and-forget wireless transmitter. Plug it into your TV or stereo and you’re done!

Phone Bluetooth

Surflink Mini Mobile Remote Microphone

The all-new SurfLink® Mini Mobile Remote Microphone is designed to stream phone calls and audio directly to your hearing aids.